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Master Antenna Television (MATV)

ATV (Master Antenna Television) services from GS Technologies provide cost savings, reliable reception, and customisable TV and Radio channels for multi-unit dwellings. Our installation process includes a site survey and testing to ensure a quality result.

What is MATV and how does it work?

MATV, or Master Antenna Television, is a service offered by GS Technologies that allows users to access a range of television and FM radio channels through a single antenna. MATV allows residents to access a variety of TV channels without the need for individual unit antennas or subscriptions. This service is beneficial for multi-unit dwellings, such as Hotels, Motels, apartments, retirement villages, hospitals and care facilities.


There are numerous benefits to using MATV services. Some of the main advantages include the following:


Wide range of channels

MATV allows you to access a wide range of TV channels, including free-to-air and subscription-based options. This means you can enjoy a diverse range of programming, from news and sports to movies and documentaries.

Improved signal & reception

MATV systems are designed to deliver high-quality TV signals with minimal interference. The new master antenna is installed in a central location with a clear line of sight to the transmission towers allowing the MATV systems reliable and consistent reception.  This means you can enjoy a clear and reliable picture, even in areas with poor reception.

Cost savings

Rather than installing individual satellite dishes or antennas, you can use a single MATV system to deliver TV signals to all units.


Property managers can choose which channels to include in the package, giving them the ability to offer a tailored selection that meets the needs and interests of their tenants. This can also benefit parents who want to limit the channels available to their children.

MATV Installation in 3 easy steps

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Site survey

GS Technologies will conduct a site survey to determine the best location for the master antenna and ensure that the system will receive a strong signal.

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Equipment Installation

Once the master antenna control system is installed, our technician will run cables to all units and connect each TV to the new network.

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TV sets are tuned in, and a signal test is conducted to ensure everything is working correctly.


Upgrading your room TVs is the perfect time to address any out-of-date entertainment delivery services.

Old cables may not transmit data at the quality level employed by modern HD flatscreen devices. A low-quality signal means poor reception, negating the investment in new screens and providing an inferior viewing experience for your customers.

Upgrade to new MATV hardware to ensure you and your clients get the best possible performance from any new TV installations.

Let’s get you tuned in!

MATV is a cost-effective and convenient solution for multi-unit dwellings looking to provide their residents with various television channels. Its reliable reception and ability to customise channel packages are excellent options for property managers looking to offer their tenants high-quality TV and radio service.

Contact us today about MATV installation options.