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Guild & Spence Technologies are the largest supplier and installers of Austco Nurse Call Systems in New Zealand.
Austco Tacera IP has the potential to be a superior design with a lot of intelligent integration from a Nurse call button, a resident pendant, or a full multimedia bed pendant. The main common point to all IP Austco Tacera Nurse Call systems is that staff are notified and then respond to the call.

Guild & Spence Technologies can supply, install and commission your facility with the latest technological advanced (future proof) systems available, i.e. from a complete IP Austco Tacera Nurse Call System, to as simple as a light and buzzer system for the Toilet in the common area.

We pride ourselves on understanding the requirements and the special needs each type of project can have, therefore we can best supply you with a system that will satisfy even the most demanding situation.

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Some of our current Nurse Call system offerings

Austco Tacera

Austco TACERA is the world’s first true full IP solution for nurse call and healthcare communication systems where all components in the system have their own IP address and uses VOIP exclusively.

Austco MediCom

MediCom is specifically designed to provide a total and reliable 24 hour a day, seven days a week nurse call system for use in hospitals, nursing homes and other similar acute-care facilities.

Austco CallGuard

CallGuard is specifically designed for aged care facilities such as retirement villages, hostels and nursing homes. It provides a complete and reliable monitoring and emergency call system that is durable and affordable.

Austco RF

While we believe a hardwired Austco Nurse Call system provides the ultimate solution in terms of reliability, there are occasions where a reliable wireless system is a more practical solution. This could be for locations such as independent living villas where it is difficult or costly to cable, or where mobility is required, such as in patient / resident lounges or mobile beds, wheel chairs etc. In these scenario’s reliable RF is a fantastic solution.

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