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MATV Systems for multi-room integrated TV solutions
MATV Systems (Master Antenna Television) is the means by which many large establishments distribute TV and FM signals to a number of receivers at the same site.

Why MATV Systems?

Spending time and money on accommodation only to find that the in-room entertainment is unwatchable due to a poor quality signal or bad setup is highly aggravating for customers.  Give the customers what they are paying for to help ensure their repeat business.

Upgrading your in-room TV’s?  Don’t wire a nice new HD flat screen TV into an archaic system!  Give the customer the picture they expect to see on a modern screen.

MATV Systems will decrease any chances of possible signal quality loss and creates a straightforward, specifically designed solution, which will, in turn, increase the TV and FM signals. Instead of having separate antennas for individual TVs, an MATV system is able to provide a safe and out of the way solution with high-quality cabling and components for each site.

MATV Systems lowers the possibility of interference issues with TV and FM signals and creates an easily maintainable and accessible system.  Ensure your digital MATV system is designed by the leaders in the New Zealand market, Guild & Spence Technologies.

Our MATV Systems are up-to-par

Guild & Spence designs are based on the New Zealand and Australian AS/NZS 1367 standards. Guild & Spence developed an easy to follow SMATV guideline and distribution solution specifically for the NZ market, MDS.

Follow Guild & Spence’s designs and product suggestions and Guild & Spence guarantee the system’s integrity whilst offering a 2-year warranty on all MATV Systems products.

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