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Our AV, IT and Communications services cater to residential and commercial clients. We tackle everything from home entertainment solutions to large commercial installations.

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GS Technologies is a trusted provider of professionally installed audio-visual, information technology, and communications services. Our team of skilled technicians has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your AV, IT, and communications systems are installed correctly and functioning effectively.

audio visual & information technology installations on residential properties

Residential properties

We live in a high-tech age, and there are many benefits to having a professionally installed AV, IT, and communications system. These include:

  • Improved home entertainment with high-quality sound and video systems
  • Increase convenience with the ability to control all home systems from one central location using home automation.
  • Connect and control lighting, air conditioning, intercoms even electric windows and blinds.
  • Enhance security with the installation of surveillance cameras and video data storage devices
  • Increase your property value with the addition of a modern and sophisticated system
audio visual & information technology installations on commercial properties

Commercial Properties

Professional AV, IT, and communications installations can also benefit commercial properties. Some advantages include:

  • Improved team productivity with the use of interactive whiteboards and video conferencing systems
  • Enhanced customer experience with high-quality sound and video in conference rooms and public areas
  • Increased security with surveillance cameras and access control systems
  • Reduced operating costs with energy-efficient equipment and lighting control systems

Common commercial installations are:
Distributed 100v line, Commercial/Pro Audio, Mixer amps, Power amps, Speakers, Processors, Loop amplifiers, AV distribution, Audio-over-IP school PA systems.

audio visual & information technology solutions for hearing impaired

Technology for the Hearing Impaired

We can help! Guild & Spence Technologies employs specially trained staff who are certified installers for various innovative hearing-impaired systems.

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