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About Guild & Spence Technologies Ltd

The company has its roots in Guild and Spence Electrical which has been an institution in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty since 1979.

Our History

Guild Electrical was formed in 1979 and 9 years later Ray (Guild) teamed up with Winston (Spence) to form Guild & Spence Electrical. Guild and Spence is 100% New Zealand owned and operated; the company directors are actively involved in the business operations and pride themselves on being easily contactable.

Today Guild and Spence Technologies employ over 100 staff.

The diverse nature of our business, the flexibility and the need to service our major clients has enabled the business to provide support services and technology to Auckland, Northland, Waikato, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay and Wellington regions.

Within the North Island region, Guild & Spence Technologies have teams of dedicated technicians available for the installation of Nurse call systems, GPON systems, Telecommunications/Data systems, Intercom, Hearing Assistance, MATV & AV Systems, Access Control solutions, CCTV systems and Security systems.

Guild and Spence Technologies provide professional services including system consultation, system integration, system design and a fully flexible 24/7 support service operation. The technology solutions we provide have been selected as industry leaders in their respective technologies and have a global presence.

Our Branches

5Auckland Branch

5Waikato Branch

5Bay of Plenty Branch

5Hawkes Bay Branch

5Wellington Branch


0508 448 453

Our Directors

Michael Pope

Founding Director

Michael Pope one of our founding directors of Guild & Spence Technologies is based in Auckland and has been at the core of our success over the years. From his late teens Michael has been involved with the Healthcare and Aged care sector and has a wealth of industry knowledge.

Leigh Brett


Leigh Brett was appointed as a director of Guild & Spence Technologies in 2020. Leigh has a strong background in the telecommunications and aged care sector. Based in The Bay of Plenty, Leigh has been instrumental in the growth of the business in several areas.

Phil Simmonds


Phil Simmonds has been within the Guild & Spence group for seventeen years and has a great deal of knowledge across various ICT solutions. Phil has strong experience in Project Management and is the technical mastermind behind several of our success stories over the years. Phil is based in the Waikato and was appointed as a director of Guild & Spence Technologies in 2020

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Everything you need.  Guild and Spence Technologies offers professional services such as system consultation, integration, and system design, as well as a fully flexible 24/7 support service operation.

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